Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MOAR Skyrim Mods!

Well, after my last post I've spent a lot of time both searching out mods, and trolling the Bethesda mods forums - not to mention trying my hand at a little modding myself. 

I've found a few more mods, or slightly different versions of ones listed that I think are probably a little better. Either way, check these out too and if you like them, try them!

I haven't been able to play through this one, but this mod simply adds a whole new area and quest line to the Bard's College. It is pretty awesome, and if you want a little more unique Skyrim content, definitely get it.

This mod is great. It adds a school to Whiterun and Solitude (more coming), and 5 days a week, all the little brats go off to school so they aren't pestering about how they'll fight you, even if you are their elder...

"I'm sworn to carry your burdens..."
Not anymore! Now she's more than happy to exchange inventory.

I know what I said in my last post. I retract my statement. PISE is brilliant, and so is the mod's author, Pluto. This mod adds
-More spawns
-Harder enemies (deleveled dragons, mages use healing speels, enemies use healing potions...)
-Better AI (more blocking, power attacks, aim, and reaction times)
-Harder battles (easier to be detected, mages heal allies)
-Less leveled loot

I know it might sound daunting, but I swear it will make the game so much more fun to play. Combat is just much more fun and challenging, but balanced too. Pluto also has a beta version of a patcher that will smartly add spells to enemies if you're using mods like Midas Magic, another one that will create even more enemies for crazy dungeons, and he's the one who made Realistic Lighting that I listed last time.

This is another combat mod, and the one I've been using for a while now. I think it's better than the Duel one I listed last time. The most important features IMO are changes to how blocking and stagger works. Check this out.

Another combat mod, this one aims to be as realistic as possible. I have not used it yet, but it looks very promising. I suggest checking both these out and using one or the other in conjunction with PISE.

I listed this one last time, but it was only Dungeons. The Wilds is now released, huge immersion increase I think. Get it for sure!

This mod is a must for everybody. It fixes so many glaring issues with bad meshes, from fixing ugly wooden beams to making food look oh so much more delicious! Oh and not to mention the chains... I know, you're probably thinking, "what??" but seriously check it out. So much win.

These two mods go together very, very well. It makes rain in Skyrim seem like real rain! Combined with the thunder effects I listed last time, after this you'll be eagerly anticipating the next big thunderstorm in Skyrim!

Essentially this mod adds to the creatures of Skyrim. One of my favorite additions is scaled down, non threatening Skeevers as rats in cities.

Pretty basic mod, just fixes some issues with followers.

I'm now using this instead of the crafting mods I listed last time. It revamps the Smithing perk tree and adds a lot to the basic crafting. I use it in conjunction with Vals Crafting Metldown and the Weapons and Armor fixes I listed last time.

This one is a must have for most people. It will reduce your VRAM usage while maintaining the high quality of the official HD textures DLC. This is particularily important if you want to use other HD mods, like Flora Overhaul and HD Furniture and Barrels (my favorites), not to mention weapon and armor retextures. 1gb of VRAM isn't that much anymore.

If you really need to save VRAM, here's a mod that greatly reduces the texture sizes (mostly from increased compression) while maintaining much higher than vanilla graphics.

Well, that's it for today! Hopefully there's more fun stuff to write about in the near future.