Friday, 14 December 2012

Skyrim Walkthrough Incoming!

I've decided I'd like to play some more Skyrim, so I've made a plan. Previously I played as a Mage and an Archer, so this time it will be as a Warrior. The plan is to strictly stick to the main quests - that is, the Dragonborn and the Rebellion quest lines - and play as an Orc with a bit of an attitude. I'll be recording the first episode tomorrow, then chopping it into ~30 minute segments and uploading to YouTube. I will probably release a few episodes per week.

I've done gameplay vids before, but usually without a voice over. This time I'm going to try different things. I've released 3 videos already. In the first two I was talking while playing, but I find that can be difficult as I'm usually focused on the gaming itself and much like chewing bubblegum while walking, I can't seem to do two things at the same time.

In the 3rd video I added an intro that I'm quite happy with. I learned a lot about my editing software to do that which is great! I also added my voice-over post-gameplay. It's a bit weird doing that, though... I guess I'm just a newbie at all this. I'll get better. I promise.

I'll also make a post about the mods I'm using just to get it out there for the curious types. I've previously made a list of Skyrim mods I like, and I'm still using plenty of those, however some are no longer available. I'm not using many new ones, and I don't have the patience to browse Steam's Workshop for good ones. I still prefer using Nexus for that (sort by endorsements makes it so easy).

Here's the first 3 episodes (you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel and they are all being added to a playlist):

Episode 1: Skyrim Intro (with a hilarious glitch)

Episode 2: I died

Episode 3: Bleak Falls Barrow

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